Help & FAQs

1. How do I know my tickets are legitimate if I live far away from Delaware?

Our reputation is stellar, and speaks for itself. You will indeed receive the authentic tickets you’ve purchased. We prefer to do business via credit card because this payment method contains built-in consumer fraud protection. We also call each customer to let him or her know his or her tickets have arrived at our office. Our chargeback rate is one of the lowest in the industry, which shows that our clients are extremely happy with our service. We have even appeared in court on behalf of clients victimized by credit card theft to dispute fraudulent purchases made by criminals.

2. How long have you been in business? 

Sherry’sTickettown is the result of a recent merger between two highly respected and successful ticket agencies, B&B and Sherry’s Tickets. This union provides our clients with over 120 years of combined industry experience.

3. How do you find such great seats when the only ones I can find are in the nosebleed section?

We have the proper connections through the long-term relationships we’ve built during our many years in business, and know where to find the best seats for you.

4. Are you affiliated with any performer or management company?

No. We are totally independent. We are not beholden to any teams, agents, box offices, talent agencies, management companies or corporations.

5. Are my tickets shipped quickly?

All of our tickets are listed as either “on hand” or not. If they are on hand, they are shipped upon payment. If they are not on hand, they will be shipped upon their arrival to us. There is a FedEx option available for recurring clients.

6. How are your prices determined?

Our tickets are priced at market value.

7. Who decides what are the best available seats?

With over 120 years of experience, we know the layouts of the stages, theaters, stadiums and other venues we provide tickets for. We utilize that information to guide you towards the best possible purchase for your budget.

8. How close to show time can I get tickets from you?

You can get your tickets right up until show time because we will be happy to leave them at will call so you can pick them up on your way to the event.

9. Are you available at all times in case there are any ticket issues at my event?

We have an office telephone redirect so you can always reach us. Clients picking up their tickets at the “will call” window receive a mobile phone number in case they need to reach us from in line at the event in case there are any last minute issues to be resolved.

10. How did the owner, Mr. Jim Bell, get started in the ticket industry?

Jim began his career by selling tickets in the box office of the legendary Philadelphia Spectrum. That experience lit a fire within him, and before long, he was managing Sherry’s Tickets in Philadelphia. After many years at 15th & Walnut streets, Jim is now the driving force behind Sherry’s Tickettown in Wilmington, Delaware.